Nivea nourishes high engagement with diverse micro creators

The Challenge

Nivea, a popular skin and body care brand, wanted to build their organic presence on TikTok and showcase their new product range on their profile. They needed a quick way to create engaging videos that showcased the unique features of their new product range in a playful way. They also desired high-energy content to match their existing content style.

The Solution

Nivea partnered with 13 creators through Social Native. Following trends and what works best for their audience, the creators filmed different types of product-focused videos like daily skincare routines, fun transition videos and vlog-style content.

The Results

By prioritizing authentic content, Nivea reached their intended audience with a strong engagement rate of 6.5% and received over 3.5 million likes. Nivea saw success on TikTok and in turn acquired lots of assets to test on TikTok both paid and organically. Nivea has since activated over 500 creators with Social Native.


Average engagement rate


Average views per video


Day turnaround

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