H&M celebrates Islamic culture with hyper localized creators

The Challenge

Alshaya, a franchise operator of H&M in the Middle East, wanted to celebrate Islamic culture and align their brand with holiday values in time for Ramadan and Eid.

The fashion brand planned to advertise their product line in a particular region (in time for the upcoming holidays) and sought to collaborate with highly localized fashion creators with a strong Snapchat presence.

The Solution

Social Native sourced creators from Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to find on-brand Snapchat influencers who could adhere to the brand’s criteria and quick turnaround.

Using careful influencer selection and multi-platform profile validation, Social Native was able to find the best-fitting creators for the campaign despite payment obstacles and other geographical nuances.

The Results

By prioritizing a unique influencer selection process, the fashion brand was able to effectively promote targeted content to the intended region. Leveraging the creator content from Snapchat, Alshaya generated Snap Ad Videos that exceeded 500K+ video views and initiated conversions with 400+ DMs & saves.


Targeted regions in the Middle East


Video views upon launch


DMs & saves

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